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So, I’ve been here before. Once again I’ve gotten the urge to develop my creativity – read more, think more, write more. This time I want it to have a little more longevity and substance. There are most likely millions of other blogs out there trying to be interesting and something special. A large proportion of them are not. I’m speculating here, of course, and admittedly there are many informative and useful blogs dealing with a whole range of issues.

That’s maybe where I will try to be a little different. This blog isn’t trying to be interesting to others specifically. It is more an outlet for me to gather stuff that I am interested in, as well as putting my thoughts down into words where I can really judge what I am saying and thinking with a more critical eye. The topics I discuss may of course be of interest to others, and great if they are! I welcome comments from any other interested parties so I can benefit from an outsider’s view. As long as the comments don’t end up like the “discussion” on a YouTube video, then I think we’re on the right track. I won’t hold my breath!

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