Analogy of the Day

You get the picture?

I heard a good analogy the other day about the important and not-so-important stuff in life. Like any good analogy, it is a good way of putting things in perspective and giving the mind a good visualisation of a problem and solution. It goes a little something like this.

Important stuff is represented by ping-pong balls; unimportant by sand and life by a glass jug. Throw the ping pong balls into the vase and they fit quite easily. Next, pour the sand in on top and it fills up all the other space – taking up all the other moments in everyday life.

Now start again. This time put the sand in first and then try to put the ping-pong balls in after – they don’t fit! The moral of the story is to prioritise the important stuff first, the other stuff will still find its space. But let the small stuff get in the way and the other stuff just won’t fit!